Exploration and Evaluation

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Exploration and Evaluation

Whether you are just beginning your exploration work in the field, or are evaluating the economic viability of the deposit you have identified, GEOVIA has software and technical services that can assist you. Our solutions support all commodities.

With GEOVIA’s software you will find a wide variety of compelling benefits which will enable you to take your mining projects to the next level of productivity by:

  • Managing drillhole data effectively.
  • Creating plots, maps, model surfaces, and solids.
  • Leveraging sophisticated geostatistics to quantify, visualise, and analyse mineral deposits.
  • Presenting compelling visual models of your project to its stakeholders.
  • Protecting and sharing exploration data.
  • Developing accurate geological models.
  • Modelling grade values choosing from block or grid models for the solution that best suits your deposit type.
  • Employing a complete set of grade estimation techniques, giving you full control over the interpolation process to account for anisotropy, geological domains, and anomalous grade values.
  • Unfolding complex geology.
  • Analysing project economics and viability.
  • Maximising NPV.

Software Systems

  • GEOVIA Surpac™ – The world’s most popular geology and mine planning software. Surpac saves users significant time and increases operational efficiency by enabling workflows to be automated.
  • GEOVIA GEMS™ – Data-driven collaborative geology and mine planning software which protects data integrity and ensures the latest data is available on-demand, wherever it is needed.
  • GEOVIA Minex™ – The only integrated end-to-end software specifically designed for stratified deposits. Minex fully integrates all aspects of mining from exploration through rehabilitation.
  • GEOVIA Whittle™ – The world’s most trusted strategic mine planning software used to determine and optimise the economics of open pit mining projects.
  • GEOVIA Hub™ –  Provides secure remote collaboration that organises, centralises and enables the reliable sharing of exploration, planning, and production data over low-bandwidth connections.


When you don’t have the time, or in-house resources are stretched to the limit and there isn’t budget for additional staff, GEOVIA helps you get your projects done. With expertise in the use and implementation of GEOVIA's software, our services team works collaboratively with you to ensure you understand each step of the project, giving you confidence in the results and in your ability to work with the data when it’s complete. Our mining professionals provide cost-effective and timely services, including:

  • Sections and plotting generation.
  • Economic analysis and optimisation.
  • Geological interpretation and modelling.
  • Geostatistical analysis and interpretation.
  • Database design and set up.
  • And more…