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 GEOVIA Academic License Program brochure

Educators play a central role in developing the leaders of tomorrow. It is for that reason they are always striving to ensure their students have the real-world skills they will need when they enter the workforce. With high technology playing an ever increasing role in exploration and mining the biggest challenge for mining schools is keeping up with the state-of-the-art software being employed.

At GEOVIA, we understand the needs of educational institutions to incorporate the latest industry technology into the programs they offer and the perennial problem they face of the cost. That is why we developed the GEOVIA Academic License Program. What makes the program unique is that we build ongoing partnerships that go beyond incorporating our software into your curriculum. We ensure educators receive training that will help them in the classroom and can access technical support when they need it.

GEOVIA is proud to be a key partner to more than 100 educational institutions around the world by providing them with the support they need to educate the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Program Benefits:

Incorporate industry-standard technology into your programs.
Software that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive to purchase is provided at a reduced cost.
Expert training and support is provided to the institution by GEOVIA.
Give your students the skills they need for internships and today’s workforce.
Enable your students to find work faster by gaining experience with the industry’s most widely used software.

Included in Program:

  • Network software license with 10 concurrent user connections and security lock.*
  • Option to purchase additional connections at a reduced cost.
  • Discounted participation in our software Update Service and Technical Support (USTS) program.**

*Additional connection options are available to meet those educational institutions with larger requirements.
**USTS provides regular upgrades to the software. Technical Support is limited to the designated License Administrator.

More Information:

For more information, including eligibility requirements, download the GEOVIA Academic License Program brochure.


 Click here to download the GEOVIA Academic License Program application form.