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Mine Production Management and Reconciliation

Mine Production Management

GEOVIA InSite™ increases the confidence in your operations’ ability to meet production targets, control costs, and improve efficiencies to deliver on promises made to shareholders. InSite provides up-to-date information for visibility into production processes, enabling short interval control, and support of continuous improvements across the entire value chain.

With real-time data analysis, InSite enables conformance to plan by stabilizing processes and identifying variances. Delivering auditable master data management, InSite centralizes operational technologies, enabling accurate material reconciliation, understanding what has occurred in the mine. InSite provides the foundation for driving excellence and agility in your business, to react quickly to changing mining and market conditions.

InSite Benefits

  • Enables a deeper understanding of the causes of variance through the ability to compare plans and actuals for any mining activity.
  • Allows you to quickly and easily visualize progress of all production activities.
  • Automates the centralization of data from multiple sources (IT and OT).
  • Enables fast and reliable data entry and validation which is fully auditable.
  • Gives high data confidence by providing accurate knowledge of stockpile contents.
  • Reduces variance in planned versus actual by balancing material mass and grade.
  • Increases understanding of equipment utilization, enabling better equipment time allocation and planning.
  • Eliminates inefficient use of resources by enabling you to manage and monitor progress of tasks within a shift.
  • Improves cost control of all mine activities through more efficient allocation of costs to equipment, operators and consumables.
  • Produces scheduled and dashboard reports as well as ad-hoc reporting for easy analysis of production data.

InSite Features

 Download InSite Modules Datasheet

InSite has been built to suit any mining operation regardless of commodity, mining method or location and its core functionality is centred on helping solve key industry challenges in the areas of reconciliation, production efficiencies and cost control.


InSite Customer Quote “InSite provides greater confidence in the accuracy of our monthly production. The mine and wash plant have visibility of the variances between plan and actual. Visual representation of mining progress helps to validate activity hours and provide accurate reporting to contractors. Reconciliation has never been easier.”
- Simon Ewart, Operations Superintendent, Stanwell, Meandu Mine