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GEMS enables you to configure a system that's right for you. As your needs grow, extend the system to best suit your requirements.

 Download GEMS Modules Overview Datasheet

Standard Features
Core 3D rendered viewing capabilities for topographic, polyline and point data.
Generic CAD tools to create and modify point, polyline and basic surface data.
Includes PlotMaker for all plotting requirements.

Import/Export functionality with numerous third party components 

GEMS Viewer 3D rendered viewing capabilities for all GEMS objects.

Optional Modules
Tools Volumetrics
Surface and Solids Modelling
Geology Drillhole Management
Basic Statistics
Block Modelling
Ore Control
GDM Strip Log
Dynamic Shells
Engineering Short-Term Planning
Pit and Dump Design
Surface Blast Design
Go Simulator
Mine Roads
Reconciliation Reporting
Long-Term Planning
Underground Blast Ring Design
Tunnel Design
Optech CMS Interface
Drillhole Excavation Warning System (DEWS)
Survey Survey
Survey Maps
AutoSchedule Module
SQL Installations GEMS SQL
Jet Database for GEMS Users
Sub-level Caving PCSLC
Block Caving PCBC Module in GEMS
Cave Management Module
Footprint Finder
LSQ Grade Management
Schedule Optimization
Daily Operations Tools
Expanded Slice File