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In addition to the new integration to MineSched 9.0, GEMS 6.7 features updated tools in the Block Cave and Sub-Level Caving modules. More information.


 Download GEMS 6.6 What's New Datasheet

GEMS 6.6 introduces a range of new tools designed specifically to help underground Mine Planners. The introduction of the new ramp design tool in the Tunnels Module vastly improves the current ramp design process by eliminating many small repetitive tasks by rolling them into one easy step. Offering a more agile workflow, users will also benefit from the ability to make changes throughout the design process eliminating the need to start again when changes are necessary.  With time saving functionality and improved workflow development design can be completed in a fraction of the time. Here are some of the highlights from the release:

  • The new Ramp Design tool in the Tunnel Design Module offers a set of dedicated tools that roll multiple repetitive tasks into one easy step.  
  • The new Regrade feature available as part of GEMS core allows specified grade parameters to be preserved when moving lines or segments to new positions, eliminating the need to recreate them from scratch.
  • The new Gradient Smoothing feature removes the need to manually digitise incrementally changing segments with the ability to merge intersections with existing tunnel centreline so that line segments transition smoothly.
  • Additional enhancements to GEMS include licensing changes to enable multiple dongle use on the same machine; new view options (XY,YZ,XZ buttons), which allow the user to quickly navigate to axis oriented views; a new file export format for solids that utilizes the extended character name introduced in GEMS 6.5 and a number of small defect corrections.