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What's New for GEOVIA InSite 4.4

Download InSite 4.4 What's New Datasheet

InSite 4.4 provides users with even more operational visibility through advanced tools to reconcile production outputs and activities and identify and understand variance. New features and enhancements help mines to further improve operational efficiency with greater confidence in validated production data, leading to trusted decision making.

Improvements to Shift Management, Central Monitoring and the new Inspect and Correct feature focus on helping users overcome the challenge of identifying variances and improving the reliability and confidence in their data between planned and production. Designed with technical staff in mind, this latest release makes it easier to justify and implement changes to models, engineering assumptions (such as production rates) or operational processes that make plans more accurate and achieve maximum achievable production.

Here are some of the highlights from the release:

Inspect and Correct

 Download Inspect and Correct Datasheet

The ability to compare planned production against actual production is the basis of mining reconciliation. If trends and patterns are identified, a change may be warranted. However, it is critical to be confident in the accuracy of the data before any changes are implemented. The new Inspect and Correct feature assists users to quickly find any errors that may exist in the operational data. This highly flexible and easy-to-use feature allows users to create various views of data and perform calculations on the different views to test the accuracy of the data and to make necessary corrections.

Shift Management

The improved Shift Management tools have been enhanced to more accurately manage the detailed plan for each shift. Closely monitor near real-time progress of the plan through new views of the shift data and make ongoing amendments, as needed. This ensures the reconciliation of planned versus actual data is accurate and shift supervisors can be confident they are making the most informed operational decisions.

Central Monitoring

Central Monitoring is an interactive tool that provides another dimension in the reconciliation offering. By comparing the progress of operational activities against the plan, users will quickly identify operational changes through an interactive report. By knowing where, when and why changes have occurred, schedules are more effectively understood as being more or less achieved. All activities are shown on an up-to-date interactive map and seen in relation to where they are actually occurring. This enables for a quicker and more accurate understanding and remediation of the activities.

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