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Gemcom MineSched

Production Scheduler - Great Results with Proven Technology

MineSched 9.0 is available now. Click here to learn more.

The most innovative scheduling software experience for mining, GEOVIA MineSched™ puts you in the driver’s seat to maximize productivity and profits. Intuitive, rapid setup and guided workflows take the complexity out of scheduling, putting real decision-making power back in the hands of engineers and mining operations.

A stand-alone mine scheduling solution, MineSched offers the world’s most advanced scheduling user experience for surface and underground mines of all sizes and types. It incorporates a broad set of built-in functionality, proven scheduling algorithms, and multiple output results such as graphics and charts. MineSched creates schedules that improve productivity and profits. The software is known for its broad set of capabilities, proven scheduling algorithms, and ability to output results in a wide variety of formats, including 2D and 3D graphics, worksheet-based reports, Gantt charts, and even in an interactive 3D viewer.

MineSched works seamlessly with GEOVIA Surpac™, GEOVIA GEMS™ and GEOVIA Minex™, and most other industry geology and mine planning software. Now supporting 64-bit, the power of MineSched is unparalleled in the industry and will help you see better efficiencies in your scheduling and operations.

MineSched is employed by surface and underground mining operations of all types and sizes to produce long-term and short-term schedules, that will meet all of a mine's targets. MineSched can schedule from pre-created block, grid, and polygon models that originate from many different mine planning systems, including Surpac and GEMS.



MineSched Customer Quote

" Since we have started working with MineSched, our team training and mine planning at Meadowbank has improved significantly."
- Yvon Sylvestre, Senior Vice President, Operations, Agnico Eagle Canada & Europe

“MineSched is an amazing tool -  if you don’t manage your time and schedule effectively, you won’t be able to meet your mine objectives. Managing all of this in a spreadsheet would be impossible.”
- Stephane Frechette, Engineering Assistant Superintendent Agnico Eagle Meadowbank mine