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What's New: GEOVIA MineSched 9.0

Download MineSched 9.0 What's New Datasheet

Advanced Standalone Scheduling
GEOVIA MineSched™ – The innovative scheduling experience for productivity and profits is now available as a fully independent standalone software solution.

MineSched 9.0 allows mining companies to leverage the power, interoperability and ease of use of the world’s most advanced scheduling software for improving productivity on the mine site. MineSched 9.0 directly reads from all of the other popular mine planning solutions, or combinations thereof, for a data-conversion-free advance scheduling user experience.

MineSched 9.0 works seamlessly with GEOVIA Surpac™, GEOVIA GEMS™ and GEOVIA Minex™, and most other industry geology and mine planning software (GMP). Now supporting 64-bit, the power of MineSched is unparalleled in the industry and will help you see better efficiencies in your scheduling and operations.

Benefits to Mine Planning Engineers

  • Achieve scheduling objectives by quickly and easily creating and comparing different scenarios.
  • Reduce mining costs by preparing practical schedules with the use of rules, constraints and capacity scenarios.
  • Lower processing costs by meeting feed grade requirements with MineSched’s target scheduling algorithms.
  • Validate schedules by visualizing them in 3D animations and sharing them via an interactive viewer.
  • Collaborate with others by publishing schedule results to a variety of different outputs, such as Microsoft ® Excel™, Project, any database, or mine production management solutions, such as GEOVIA InSite™.
  • Accepts any popular GMP file formats for creating a mine schedule, and exports schedule data and/or any geometry produced in any format.

Benefits to Consultants
Given MineSched is not reliant on any geology and mine planning software solution, consultants who are often asked to support different GMPs, and, in some cases, multiple GMPs,  may enjoy all of the benefits of MineSched for their client scheduling requirements, without being tied to any one GMP solution.

Additional Updates and Enhancements

  • Standalone installation and software updates eliminate the dependence on a GEOVIA Surpac™ license to start MineSched.
  • Hotfix support provides quicker updates for localized services, updates and language support.
  • Additional 3D mining data export formats provide more flexible reporting for improved results publishing; reports may be grouped in either ascending or descending order.
  • Enhanced haulage functions to create haulage routes and define velocity, geometry and truck types from within the MineSched ‘Setup Schedule’ environment.
  • Better support for schedules to be published to Microsoft® Project™.
  • Upgraded bench reports include grand totals, reports on dumps and materials, and define order of bench and material class columns.


MineSched Customer Quote

“With MineSched, we’re much more accurate in our planning and evaluation of truck hours. We’re saving on contractor costs, because this tool helps us to accurately evaluate new projects.”
- Eric Ramsay, Senior Mine Geologist, Agnico Eagle Meadowbank mine.