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 Download PCBC 6.7 What's New Datasheet

PCBC 6.7 offers several new enhancements and new modules for both PCBC and PCSLC users comprised of tools for improved management of block or sub-level cave projects and automation of many common manual tasks to improve both the alignment to the long-term life of mine planning and shareholder confidence. Here are some of the highlights:

Benefits for PCBC and PCSLC Users

PCBC 6.7 has a number of enhancements to increase functionality and ease of use for both PCBC and PCSLC users:

  • Better visual representation of data through color profile enhancements that allow color profiles for year, month and week to be used with date type data.
  • Easier viewing and editing of bucket data while operating with the same bucket data across different applications of PCBC and PCSLC.

New Modules

Advanced Flow Modeling for PCBC

PCBC now offers a new optional module for Advanced Flow Modeling. This module features Cellular Automaton in 3D (CA3D) tool, which works as a post-processor to the PCBC Scheduler. Providing an excellent graphical display, CA3D models open pit material movement above an active block cave allowing users to visually see and understand the movement mechanisms at play.

Draw Management System (DMS) for PCSLC

Sub-Level Cave projects can now access a draw control management system similar to the Cave Management System available within PCBC. As draw control is a critical element of the overall cave management of a sub-level cave operation, DMS is specifically designed to automate and optimize this process.

Advanced Planning Tools for PCSLC

As a sub-level cave project matures, or becomes an operational mine, more precise planning of ring activities and face shapes is required. The Advanced Planning Tools for PCSLC module offers various tools that allow for these more precise requirements.


"PCBC is the best system out there to estimate reserves for a block cave. We generate monthly plans on PCBC, which are interlinked with the Cave Management System, to receive daily reconciliations within the system. We don’t plan to try anything different, as we have not come across any system that is better than PCBC."
- Sam Ngidi, Mine Study Manager, Palabora