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Surpac Module Descriptions

Surpac enables you to configure a system that’s right for you. As your needs grow, extend the system to best suit your requirements.

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Standard Features
3D Graphics Display Sophisticated and powerful 3D modelling software environment.
Plotting Create, preview, annotate and print user-defined plots.
Spreadsheet data integration with table entities.
CAD Tools Create and work with point and line data.
Surface Modelling Create and work with wireframe surfaces and sub-surfaces.
Scripting and Automation Record/playback macros and write custom workflows.
Language Support English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French.
Online Help / Tutorials Documentation, examples, tutorials and data.

Optional Modules
Tools Autoplot
Data Plug-ins
String File Reports
DraftSight Pro Pack
Sharing and Collaboration GEOVIA Hub™
Geological Drillhole Database
Basic Statistics
Solids Modelling
Block Modelling
Block Model Interpolator
Grade Calculations
Dynamic Shells
Engineering Pit and Dump Design
Road Design
Drill and Blast Design
Underground Ring Design
Underground Sections
Mesh Tools
Stope Design
Survey Surface and Underground Surveying

Scheduling and Optmisation
Scheduling Add GEOVIA MineSched™
Optimization Add GEOVIA Whittle™