Drill and Blast Design

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Drill and Blast Design

The Drill and Blast module gives you more control over the design, management and reporting of your drilling patterns. You will find features such as control over individual holes, creation of pre-splits and drilling to either a fixed elevation or a DTM surface.

You can now vary a blast pattern burden and spacing by a rock mass code stored in the polygon of a string outline, allowing greater control over a blast in different material types. For reporting purposes, each rock code may have a different specific gravity, taking the guess work out of your tonnage calculations. The different rock codes can also be assigned different drilling costs per metre, allowing you greater accuracy in your budgeting for drill and blast and more ability to anticipate areas of higher cost.

Once you have designed a blast layout that you are happy with, you can load the holes into a fully relational database to ensure anyone following you has the most up-to-date information regarding a particular blast. These holes can subsequently be downloaded from the database, charged and then uploaded again if you happened to be interupted during a design session.  

The Surpac drill and blast module includes the ability to generate a firing pattern for a blast and then animate this firing sequence. You will be able to watch the holes being fired and make changes in both the order and firing pattern before you pass the design to the drill and blast crew.

In the past, you may have found it difficult to calculate the true volume of a blast until after the blasted earth was excavated. With the drill and blast module you have the ability to create a blast solid influenced by a cone around each blast hole and trimmed to any existing free faces.

Reports in the Drill and Blast module make it easy for you to understand and communicate to others just what is required in terms of explosives, detonators, and what the total cost is estimated to be. You can easily obtain a setout report containing hole name, northing, easting and elevation references.