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Scripting and Automation

Pierre Marais

Customer Video:
Scripting with Surpac
Pierre Marais, Coordinator,
Kumba Iron Ore, Sishen Mine

There are many repetitive tasks we are faced with in our day to day work, particularly with respect to mine grade control systems and plotting. All functions in Surpac are supported by comprehensive scripting facilities, which means you have a range of options for working more efficiently within your company's specific proceses and data flows. You can even develop completely new functions using the scripting language embedded within Surpac.

You can create a script simply by recording the key strokes and selections you make within the software. The resulting script file is easy to read and modify to allow the sequence to be applied to new data, with a wide range of actions available, such as looping, branching and simple or complex maths.

Macros within Surpac are based upon Tool Command Language (TCL), a popular public domain scripting language.

You will not need sophisticated programming skills to use TCL. There are a wide range of functions available with the language along with commercial debugging tools and compilers for you to protect the scripts you have developed.

To create site specific menu systems you may easily link macros to menus and toolbars, allowing you to protect less skilled users to obtain the results they need without a full knowledge of Surpac. Using macros also introduces a consistent look and feel to plots for example and auditability of reported results ie you can see just what parameters were used to create the output.