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Solids Modelling

Solids ModellingCreating solid models is a critical function for all mining professionals - you need to know that you can complete a complex wireframing task with minimal fuss and be able to produce a shape that truly honours the data you began with. Solids modelling is often difficult because you often never quite have enough data and need to resolve missing data points in three dimensions with simply a mouse and a flat screen.

With Surpac's solid modelling tools, you will be working in an integrated 3D editing window with full control over the level of detail you have displayed on points, lines and triangulated surfaces. You have multiple options for mouse control to manage the finest zoom in and zoom out around complex shapes.

In some situations it is mathematically difficult to solve a particular problem in a realistic time frame and so Surpac offers a choice of algorithms (mathematical methods) for wireframing - but don't worry, you don't need to understand the mathematics behind these programs. You simply chose a method from four options and select the resulting shape that is the most appealing.

Once you have created a wireframe or if it has been obtained from a 3rd party source, Surpac contains comprehensive validation and solids repair tools to test models for model integrity so that any subsequent volume calculations will be accurate.

Surpac includes a number of solids intersection tools for creating intersected, outersected or unioned shapes for visual presentations. For geologists, there is a routine for creating database intersection records where a 3D shape intersects drillholes - this is a very handy tool for geostatistical domaining and estimation routines.