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What’s New GEOVIA Surpac™ 6.7

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With its support of multiple cores, Surpac 6.7 features design improvements for grade estimation and vast increases in the processing speed of block models. By using all of the available CPU cores, block model processing speeds are drastically increased, performing estimation, reporting, and constraining of much larger models in a fraction of the time.

Users can see up to 95% reduction in processing times for block model operations such as estimations, block maths, constraining, and reporting provides quicker results for analysis. As well, up to 200 times performance improvement for inverse distance, ordinary and simple kriging, and nearest neighbor estimations when used with a minimum recommended configuration of a Quad core CPU with hyperthreading enabling up to 8, 12 or 16 threads. Please note that as Surpac 6.7 uses the available processors to their fullest capacity, performance improvements for certain operations will be in line with the number of cores available. 

Enhanced block model inverse distance and ordinary kriging functions provide better estimations that eliminate the bias of high grade pods, store the length of drill hole samples, and test the linear distance.

Advanced design functionality in Surpac 6.7 provides easier editing and design of blast hole patterns, enabling users to animate and review the blast sequence in advance of execution

Alongside over 50 customer-requested enhancements and product quality improvements, Surpac’s graphical user interface has been upgraded for improved cosmetic changes and the version of TCL has been upgraded to ensure consistency of features between 32bit and 64bit versions.