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What’s New GEOVIA Surpac™ 6.6

 Download Surpac 6.6 What's New Datasheet

Surpac 6.6 introduces the first mining software solution with features specifically suited for the design of stope shapes. Including the interactive Stope Designer and Stope Slicer tools, the new Stope Design Tools module provides underground engineers and designers with a new way to design stopes efficiently.  

Alongside over 80 customer-requested enhancements and product quality improvements, this release includes significant improvements to Surpac’s digitising, 3D CAD tools and to its industry renowned scripting commands for even more ways to advance user productivity. 

The new Stope Design Tools module offers a simple and fast stope design process to improve operational results and productivity by maximising ore recovery while minimising costs. Included in the module, the new interactive Stope Designer tool steps through planes to delineate practical stope boundaries – ultimately creating a designed solid which the Stope Slicer tool divides into practical mining shapes using planes and elevations to produce stope, pillar and crown pillar solids quickly.