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What makes Whittle different from other pit optimizers?

Whittle goes well beyond pit optimization, offering a unique set of functionality that together focus on mine optimization. Stated simply, if you are relying on the pit optimization software that came with your geology and mine planning software, you are not unlocking the full economic potential of your operation.

How does Whittle go beyond what “run of the mill” pit optimizers provide?

With Whittle, you have all the strategic mine planning capabilities you need to achieve mine optimization: strategic scheduling; detailed cost, price and recovery modelling; stockpiles; multiple mines; blending and cut-off optimization.

What does it mean when someone asks if my project has been Whittled?

Whittle has become the industry’s most trusted strategic mine planning software solution because of the trusted results it delivers. Hence, many banks will ask if a project has been Whittled.

How does Whittle support exploration projects?

Whittle is employed to understand the value of the deposit and target areas for future drilling.

How does Whittle support scoping studies?

Whittle is used to establish the economic viability of the deposit and options for capital investment and development strategies. It is also used to examine sensitivities and assign resources accordingly for future studies.

How is Whittle used in pre-feasibility and feasibility studies?

Whittle is used to identify the preferred development strategy, capital investment, expected NPV and optimal extraction sequence. It is also employed to calculate sensitivities to develop the risk reduction strategy and to ascertain final reserve statement for the deposit.

How is Whittle used in bankable feasibility studies?

Whittle is used to analyze the expected return on investment, sensitivities and investment risk. It is also used to consider multiple scenarios for reducing risk.

How is Whittle used in production environments?

Whittle is used to determine strategic direction for the mine; cut-off grade and optimized cut-off grade; mining areas and extraction sequence per period; and development strategies for new mines and push backs. It is also used to re-evaluate mine plans in response to changing conditions and in the calculation of annual reserve statement.

Is Whittle a modular system?

Yes. Whittle is a modular system that let’s you choose the functionality and additional software modules that are right for your needs today while giving you the flexibility to add to it over time.

Does Whittle only support open pit mines?

While Whittle has been developed for open pit mines, it is used to determine whether it is more viable to mine on the surface or to go underground.

What Geology and Mine Planning Software does Whittle work with?

Whittle works with all geology and mine planning software available on the market today.